An Invitation to Join in the Journey

Look around to the wild spaces that surround you. Plants, trees, fungi all grow in balance and in harmony with their environment. We are connected to this steadfast wisdom that flows deep within the land. It is our heritage, no matter where we are from. We only need remember to open to it. How does it speak to you? What messages to does the land offer through the plants that surround us?

When I look at plants and consider how they affect our world, as food, as a part of our cultural traditions, as a means to repair the damage to the environment, and as a means to support our bodies, I am in awe. These amazing life forms work sustainably, on the Whole, by individually nourishing each element.

I invite you to take this journey with me and reconnect with those wild spaces, discover your personal connection to the land, and to the herbs that surround us.

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  • “I am so grateful for Amy’s wealth of wisdom and generous spirit!” ~ Sara Sullivan

    Testimonial from Sara

  • “Amy makes lotions and salves that I find pivotal in my life. I have had eczema that led to cellulitis while under the care of a dermatologist. Nothing he prescribed seemed to help. With the use of Amy’s Monarda Magic Lotion, I have been…

    Testimonial from Deb Becker-Galewski

  • Amy Shea is truly a Green Witch!  I have attended her classes which are chalked full of information, hands on learning and fun!  I always leave with some new goodies to try.  Her outdoor classroom/herb walks are like a trip through a Green Library! …

    Testimonial from Lora Krall Nurse-Herbalist

  • Amy articulates so passionately and intelligently about medicinal plants, whether she is writing about them or working in the herbal kitchen teaching others. She has an Earth Mama-centric vibe that you’ll be sure to enjoy! ~Gigi Stafne, ND, MH, Director, Green Wisdom School of…

    Testimonial from Gigi Stafne, ND, MH, MI

Amy Shea, MH

My name is Amy Shea, and I have been working with herbs for more than 16 years. My first formal learning experiences came under an apprenticeship with Jess Conaway, as well as classes offered by the Coulee Region Herbal Institute and Carol Jacobs. I graduated from the Master Herbalism program offered by the Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine in 2015 completing more than 2500 hours of study.

I volunteer withHerbalists Without Borders where I am the Relief Action Coordinator. As an active member of my local herbalist community, I organize and put together the Winona Herbal Education Society’s programs, and provide workshops to local small businesses, and community groups.

I can’t wait to share my passion for plants with you