Amy Shea, MH

My path of herbalism in 2002 years ago, when I participated in an “herbal apprenticeship” with Jessie Conaway. That initial taste for herbal wisdom was further nourished by the Coulee Region Herbal Institute where I got the chance to learn from herbalists such as Carol Jacobs, Lora Krall, Rose Barlow, and others within my region. I wasn’t always ready for their messages, but the seeds were definitely being planted. Working at the People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to participate in trainings offered by companies such as, Herb Pharm, New Chapter, and Simplers so that I might better assist customers in finding products that were not only supportive, but safe for them to use.

In 2014, I was accepted into the Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicines where I studied to become a Master Herbalist, a program that requires 1700-1900 of dedicated learning hours to graduate. I graduated second in my class with just shy of 2500 hours and continue to add to my education and experience. Currently, I serve an instructor with Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicines, specializing in  the Materia Medica portion of the Master Herbalist program which represents 400+ hours of the Master Herbalist program per student. At this point, I am nearing 3000 hours of study as an herbalist.

Beyond Herbalism

At home, I’m a busy mom of three amazing children, a pit bull advocate, and the wife of a musician. I get my hands in the soil whenever I can, and of course I love to trek out into the woods. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for 17 years, and received my Master/Teacher attunements during the summer of 2010. I enjoy building traditions with my family, and cooking is one of the ways that I share my love with people. If I cook for you, I probably love you.