Testimonial from Sara

“I am so grateful for Amy’s wealth of wisdom and generous spirit!” ~ Sara Sullivan

Testimonial from Deb Becker-Galewski

“Amy makes lotions and salves that I find pivotal in my life. I have had eczema that led to cellulitis while under the care of a dermatologist. Nothing he prescribed seemed to help. With the use of Amy’s Monarda Magic Lotion, I have been able to manage the eczema when symptoms just begin. I also use it on my feet each morning. The concept that using herbs that grow around us is the most useful/helpful choice in supporting our own health rings true for me.” -Deb Becker-Galewski

Testimonial from Kim Hammer of Sutra Global Imports

“Amy Shea is a gifted herbalist, and brings clarity to her writing and teaching, as well.  She is generous with her vast knowledge, freely sharing the value of herbs and their many applications.” ~Kim Hammer

Testimonial from Lora Krall Nurse-Herbalist

Amy Shea is truly a Green Witch!  I have attended her classes which are chalked full of information, hands on learning and fun!  I always leave with some new goodies to try.  Her outdoor classroom/herb walks are like a trip through a Green Library!  ~Lora Krall

Testimonial from Gigi Stafne, ND, MH, MI

Amy articulates so passionately and intelligently about medicinal plants, whether she is writing about them or working in the herbal kitchen teaching others. She has an Earth Mama-centric vibe that you’ll be sure to enjoy!
~Gigi Stafne, ND, MH, Director, Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicine, and Executive Director, Herbalists Without Borders, Intl