The Roots & Barks Package

6-Months of Support

This 6-month consultation package is intended for those interested in long term support where there are chronic concerns to be addressed, or in cases in which there are deep seeded needs to be addressed over a longer duration.

This process may include addressing acute concerns, then evolving into restorative and nourishing suggestions, as well as lifestyle supports that would carry beyond the scope of the 6-month period.

A full personal wellness assessment
We will discuss your optimal wellness goals and take a look at things in your life that may effect those goals. We’ll also look at medications, supplements, and other things that you might be consuming that we’ll want to pay attention to when considering any herbal suggestions. Together we will build the foundation from which herbal suggestions might be offered.
Based on my knowledge, research and resources, I will create some suggestions for your consideration. We’ll talk about these suggestions and a write up that may include more information will be provided with you to take home. This will be provided in a follow-up that is included as a part of your initial consultation.
Assessment reviews at 6, 12, and 24 weeks.
We will look at where you are with your process, each person’s process is different. What suggestions might be useful to you at this point? What suggestions might no longer serve you. Have your needs changed during this time? How has your vision of optimal wellness look at each point?
Up to 12 follow-ups over the course of your 6 month package.
These are check-ins that you can do in person, over the phone, or via email, your choice.
Wrap up assessment.
This is a short consultation in which we’ll review your original assessment as well as the assessment reviews and take a look at what you may want to consider moving forward from this point.
The fee for this package is $575.00
Some herbal products and services such as workshops may be included in this package, others may be available for an additional fee. This will be determined at the time of your consultation.
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