Meet Amy Shea, MH

From a very young age, I’ve been nibbling on weeds in the garden. My sister and childhood best friend used to dare each other to eat dandelions, plantain, and of course tart and delicate wood sorrels.

I was born in Connecticut, where I spent most of my youth along the coastal shores of Long Island Sound. It’s within the forest lined rural areas of that colonial state that I developed a deep love of the woods. It was my sanctuary, my play ground, the very nourishment I needed to survive the trials and traumas of growing up as a shy, wildly imaginative girl in the ’80’s.

I spent 10 years in rural Southwest Missouri before migrating back to the north to settle in my home, beautiful West Central Wisconsin. Who would have thought those childhood games would grow into a passion for wild plants, and the medicine potential the very weeds we dared each other to eat offer us.

Amy Shea