Ditch Witch Mischief Boxes

Pre-orders will begin August 5, 2019 for the first set of 10 limited boxes that will be shipped September 16, 2019.

I am super excited to share with you this new project I am starting. I am calling them Ditch Witch Mischief boxes, and I know that some of you will let the name alone sway your interest towards not purchasing one of these limited edition monthly boxes. I invite you to open to the fun of receiving one of these monthly boxes before you decide.

Here’s how they work:

  • Ditch Witch Mischief boxes are seasonally based and may contain a variety of materials and items.
    • Boxes are seasonally themed. While each year there may be some similar items in the boxes, my intention is to keep them new and exciting.
    • Each box will contain 4 to 5 items, with the exception of kits which may contain more when you account for all components of the kit.
    • Some boxes may contain focused items for spiritual use (smoke bundles, candles, etc.), and others will definitely be more geared toward physical benefits (lotions, salves, mini-facial kits).
    • Boxes will contain at least one “main” item with smaller accompanying items, or they will be kits comprised of the dry materials you will need for a recipe, the instructions to make it and a link to a “virtual mini-class” where I will walk you through the process and talk about why you might work with the herbs in the kid.
    • The main contents of the boxes will be disclosed during the pre-order time frame, so you aren’t left guessing.
  • There’s no monthly commitment. However, if you commit to receive all three boxes for the season you will receive a 20% discount on the 3rd box.
  • I will take pre-orders each month for the next month’s boxes, depending on how many people jump on the pre-order will determine whether there will be 10 or 20 boxes made available.
  • Ditch Witch Mischief boxes will be priced between $25.00 to $40.00 plus shipping expenses based on the contents. 20% of the proceeds from November boxes will be donated to a local charity or regional nonprofit organization, and I will post which organization and how much was donated on social media as it is done.
Monthly gift boxes may contain items such as jewelry, incense, bath salts, scrubs, lotions, body butters, salves, etc. They may also contain materials and instructions for assembling your own herbal tisane blends, syrups, vinegars, infused oils, etc. as well as promotional products, coupons, and surprise items.

Testimonial from Sara Sullivan

“I am so grateful for Amy’s wealth of wisdom and generous spirit!”

Sara Sullivan

Testimonial from Gigi Stafne N.D., M.H., Director of Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicines

Amy articulates so passionately and intelligently about medicinal plants
, whether she is writing about them or working in the herbal kitchen
teaching others. She has an Earth Mama-centric vibe that you’ll be
sure to enjoy!

Gigi Stafne N.D., M.H., Director; Green Wisdom School of Natural & Botanical Medicines

Testimonial from Deb Becker-Galewski

The eczema that I have barely managed to contain for months and months is now starting to heal due to your wonderful cream. Your creation with Monarda clearly is miraculous!

Deb Becker Galewski

Testimonial from Lora Krall Nurse-Herbalist

Amy Shea is truly a Green Witch!  I have attended her classes which are chalked full of information, hands on learning and fun!  I always leave with some new goodies to try.  Her outdoor classroom/herb walks are like a trip through a Green Library!