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Herbal Consultations


As an herbalist, my primary role is as an educator and partner who encourages and supports your goals from improved well-being and wellness. An herbalist does not diagnose, directly treat, nor cure illness or diseases.



Turkey Tail Shelf Mushrooms CONSULTATIONS

There are always times when a person just needs to have a short consultation for suggestions to help get through things such as cold & flu season or suggestions for really simple things. Maybe you’re not sure what an herbalist can do for you and would like to learn about what that might be.

Initial Consultations are $100.00 for up to 2 hours of service. Single follow-up visits are $50.00 for up to 1 hour. If you require services beyond a single follow-up, please consider one of the packages below.

I offer sliding scale services for those experiencing financial hardship and those with limited resources.

The Gentle Tisane Package

peppermint tisane

This 6-week support package help you create some new self care routines, or to support self care practices you’ve already got in place.

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The Nettles Package

Stinging Nettle Leaf

This 3 month support package will work well for those interested in creating restorative self care support for acute issues.

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The Roots & Barks Package

tree roots

This 6-month consultation package is intended for those interested in long term support where there are chronic concerns to be addressed, or in cases in which there are deep needs to be addressed over a longer duration.

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Legal Disclaimer

In accordance with the laws of the state of Wisconsin and professional standards, all information provided through classes, consultations, online blog posts or all other channels offered by Wise Waters Botanicals is intended for the purposes of education regarding the safe and wise use of plants and other complementary alternative medicine topics. At no point should any information or service offered by Wise Waters Botanicals and Amy Shea take the place of a physician’s diagnosis and/or treatment. Herbs and other botanicals are considered to be food products by the FDA, and are not classified as “medicines.” This is merely a place through which a person might gather knowledge regarding botanical and herbal options to empower themselves into becoming more self-reliant in their own wellness journey.