Community Herbalist Services

As an herbalist, my primary role is as an educator and partner who encourages and supports your goals from improved well-being and wellness. My work with you begins with a consultation.

A consultation is an in depth conversation about you that will help to build a solid foundation. This conversation will help me to provide you with information that will meet you where you’re at and address your needs with the root cause in mind as opposed to merely looking at symptoms.

Once the consultation is complete I take the information gathered and research in depth a variety of options for your consideration. These options might go beyond herbal suggestions to include suggestions for relaxation techniques, self-care suggestions, and foods that might be gentle ways to support you. I will also look at potential interactions with herbal supplements, nutritional supplements, over the counter and prescription medications that should be taken into consideration. A detailed feedback of findings and suggestions will be provided to you within 7 days of our initial consultation.

The initial consultation can take between 1 1/2 hours to 2hours. The feedback and findings should take about 30 minutes if conducted in person, over the phone or via zoom. This can however be conducted via email. You will receive documentation of my feedback and findings as well.

The fee for a consultation is $100.00 and includes a 2 week follow-up which should take about 30 minutes. Further follow-up visits are available for $50.00 for up to an hour of service.



If you would like the option to work with me over a period of time, please consider one of my package options.



Access to an herbalist should be for everyone, regardless of your ability to pay. I offer sliding scale services for those experiencing financial hardship and those with limited resources. If you need such consideration, please reach out to me so we can discuss your needs.



Herbalists are not medical doctors/physicians or dietitians. An herbalist does not diagnose, directly treat, nor cure illness or diseases. If your needs go beyond the scope of what my services are able to provide, I will request that you seek the care of a medical professional.

A picture of a delicate tea cup with sprigs of mint beside it
The Gentle Tisane Package

This 6-week support package help you create some new self care routines, or to support self care practices you’ve already got in place.


The Nettles Package

This 3 month support package will work well for those interested in creating restorative self care support for and after acute issues.

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An image of the base of a tree
The Roots & Barks Package

This 6-month consultation package is intended for those interested in long term support where there are chronic concerns to be addressed, or in cases in which there are deep needs to be addressed over a longer duration.

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